The Lasershow Designer LD-2000 is a worldwide well-known software system to create and display laser shows. It is a suite of programs and utilities that work together to create and sequence images into animated laser shows and beam effects, all played back with audio, video, DMX-controlled lights and pyro. It is very easy to handle - even for first-time users. At the same time professionals are able to create very complex and individual laser shows. The software works with standard computer graphics programs to make it easy to create graphics and animations.

Lasershow Designer 2000 is an all-in-one-solution.

  • capture images as digitialized photos and turns the image into a TV-like laser-projected photograph.
  • the VST2002 realtime software allows to playback captured video streams.
  • over 3030 QM2000 hard cards to a computer.

    Pangolin BEYOND

    BEYOND is a professional software to create high quality laser shows. It is is included in the set too.
    Pangolin BEYOND is the follower of LD-2000 and uses the latest technologies for show laser light control.